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The Tamer Single Shot and Double Shot systems are now legal at all Amateur Nationals in the stock (Limited) classes as well as mod classes, including the AMA Loretta Lynns areas, regionals and the National.
Now available for Cobra CX50 jr/sr and KTM 50SX mini and 50SX bikes!
It's as easy as 1..2..3
Choose the fork ring that fits your bike
Choose single or double button and color
Rip your next start
We now have even more color choices
Red - Blue - Black - Green - Purple - Orange

For 2014, we are rockin' the world of Amateur Motocross.  The great news is........You can now run the Tamer Holeshot Hookup in the stock and modified classes at amatuer nationals for 2013.  YES, I said STOCK classes.  Now, there is absolutely no excuse not to have the biggest advantage when the gate drops.  And remember, the Tamer Double Button system works on concrete starts as well as dirt.

AMATEUR NATIONALS - Tamer installs the device on your ride for no charge making  sure it works correctly.  It is our no hassle approach to keeping the customer satisfied.
Mini O's
Gainesville, Florida
November 22 - 28, 2015
Stop by the Tamer Trackside Support Rig
We at Tamer are a small, midwestern company quietly cranking out the World's best holeshot starting device at a fair price with excellent customer service.   We are the original inventor's of the starting device and we own the patent to this design and technology.  We have been in business since 1991 building high quality products for the bicycle and motorcycle industry.   Cruise around the site and check us out
We make it simple, so go ahead and give us a try.  You will be impressed!
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