Aluminum pin and stainless steel spring resist rusting for continued smooth action
Extra large stainless screws keep button on plastic guard
Machined lip ensures base stays in place on fork guard
Large hooking groove allows for easy connection and mud build up is no hassle
Rebuildable design for long lasting performance
This isn’t the “Next-Generation” in start devices, this is the “Original” in start devices.

Largest latching area on the market with no guessing if the system is latched and mud buildup is no hassle.  Just Lock and You’re Loaded

Licensed design to KTM USA, Hammerhead Designs, Joe Gibbs MX and Fly Racing.  Pin style devices are used by Factory Kawasaki, Factory Honda, Factory Connection, Factory KTM & JGRMX.  Magnets are for refridgerator doors, springs are for race machines.

Lifetime Warranty - Exclusive to Tamer

Bootless Design, Pressure Washer Tested, No Maintenance - Bring on the dirt!

Color Choices of Red, Orange or Blue

CNC Machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Better Starts & Improved Control

Metal Drill Template for Easy & Exact Installation
Use What the Pro’s Use

Laser Etched Logo’s

Patented Design - 7,051,852

100% Made In Lincoln Nebraska U.S.A.

No Magnets - No Failure.  Guaranteed button release

​#1 Starting Device on the Market
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Tamer is the trailblazer in the starting device World.  We are the only company that offers a double button system called the Tamer Double Shot Holeshot Hookup.  Suspension robs power on the start, but you need your suspension for the rest of the race.  The Tamer Double Shot immobilizes  the suspension on the start and then gives that suspension back to you after the first turn.  Additionally, not all starting lines are the same and the innovative design of the Tamer Double Shot allows you options.  Whether it’s dry slick, sandy, tacky, or concrete, the Tamer Double Shot works! CONCRETE?  That’s right, the Tamer Double Shot works on concrete.  After all, drag racing uses this same concept and they start on concrete every time and that is why the upper button is perfect for all concrete starting areas.  Try that with any one position device, not happening.  Plus, the Tamer Holeshot Hookup is legal in all Amateur National stock (Limited) classes, so no excuses, every racer should use a starting device, so give yourself the advantage over your competition with the best, the Tamer Double Shot Holeshot Hookup.  
Need to purchase a ring or button only?  Scroll down.
Fork Ring Only - No Button
Year - Make - Model of Bike
Double Button Only - No Ring
Color Choice
Holeshot Hookup Features
If purchasing a system for any Honda 125cc or larger bike, you must also purchase the Fork Guard Bracket on bracket page.
WHY 2 BUTTONS?  The start has become as scientific as the race and is the most important part of the race.  This is where your most attention needs to be focused.  The double settings allows you a choice depending on the condition of the starting line.  Some are dry, some are concrete, some are rutty, some are really tacky some start the day tacky and end the day dry slick.  You need to adjust your front fork setting for the starting line condition and a single setting front starting device will not get the job done.  And now with the invent of the REAR STARTING DEVICE, the 2 button front system is even more important.
The Double Button comes complete with the mounting screws and aluminum drill template.  For mounting instructions, go to the support page and click on PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS T1A, T1B and T1C
WHAT IS A STARTING DEVICE?  Sometimes called Holeshot Devices, a starting device is comprised
of two parts, a ring and a button system. The ring mounts on the inverted fork of a motorcycle and
the button system mounts on the plastic fork guard. When the forks are compressed and the ring
travels past the button, you push the button in and as the forks rebound, the ring catches the pin
in the button and holds the forks compressed.

When the rider hammers the throttle at the start or take-off, the bike tries to wheelie and cannot 
do so since the forks are compressed.

The starting device will stay attached and keep the forks compressed until the rider either hits the front brake, hits a braking bump or hits a jump causing the forks to compress and release the button, restoring your fork travel.
Lance Kobusch
Larry Brooks - Pro SX
Ryder Difrancesco
Jett Reynolds
Palmer Kneely
Joey Crown
Gavin Faith
Cameron McAdoo
Pierce Brown
Jake Masterpool
Brock Papi
Bradley Taft
Nick Romano
Parker MAshburn
Zane Merrett
Nicholas Maret
Carter Halpain
Pierce Knight
Grant Harlan
John Grewe
Ricky Renner
Dylan Greer
Challen Tennant
Darryn Durham
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Brandon Hartranft
Jordan Jarvis
Jasmin Canfield
Rich Taylor
Trevor Tate
Brice Klippel
PRL Racing
ROCK Racing
Rock River Racing
Brewer Cycles Racing
Preston Taylor
Max Clark
Jaden Wertz
Brownlee Racing
EBR Racing

GPF Practice Facility
MTF Practice Facility
Real Deal Training
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Reynard Training Complex
Shannon Niday
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